Upcoming Conferences

Magee, R., Sebastian, M. Novak, A. (2012, October). “May the odds be ever in your favor”: Twitter use in anticipation of “The Hunger Games” film release.  Presented at Association of Internet Researchers, IR13, Salford: England. Novak, A. (2012, July 10). How [not] to caffeinate a political group: Parent post influence on conversational network structure. PresentedContinue reading “Upcoming Conferences”

Past Conferences

Hakanen, E. & Novak, A. (2012, April 27). Mather Work Incentive Posters and the Rhetoric of Scientific Management in the 1920s. Presented at Eastern Communication Association 103rd Annual Convention: Transitions, Cambridge, MA. Novak, A. & Hakanen, E., & Bishop, R. (2012, April 19). Get to know your local Occupiers: A framing analysis of the coverageContinue reading “Past Conferences”