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Imaani El-Burki and I co-edited a volume called Defining Identity and the Changing Scope of Culture in the Digital Age with IGI Global. It looks at the ways digital media has influenced the notions of gender, race/ethnicity, and age.

Scholars have long established that media shape, construct, and reflect dominant articulations of identity and group membership. The incorporation of new media formats via digital technology has dramatically shifted human interaction, and shifted expressions of identity and group membership. Understanding how users (re)articulate identity, maintain existing hierarchies, and exercise greater control over their expression of self is key to understanding social interaction and the impact of new media upon society.
This book addresses how three social categorizations that define identity and group membership-age, gender and race- appear in digital spaces.  The goal of the book is to demonstrate how these cultural categories that have been explored in the physical world, manifest in digital spaces. Thus, a combination of both theoretical and data driven analyses are included.

With a focus upon how web-based technology gives users unprecedented control over aspects of identity that have been traditionally uncontrollable, topics will include:

  • Depictions of Age, Gender, and Race/Ethnicity in Social Networks
  • Selecting a binary gender in profile accounts
  • ‘Passing’: Racial or other Identity hiding online
  • Racial Inequalities & Challenging Post-Race Identity
  • Case Study on Digital Marketing through Race
  • Multiple Identities in online spaces
  • Feminism and digital challenges to gender inequality
  • Stereotypes of ages, generations, or cohorts and digital technologies
  • Age shifting and deception online
  • Case Study on designing digital technologies for digital natives
  • Intersectionality Online
The volume is available to purchase from Amazon or IGI Global.  It is a part of the Advances in Human and Social Aspects of Technology (AHSAT) Book Series by IGI Global.
For inquiries, please contact Alison Novak or Imaani El-Burki.
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