Course Instruction

Summer 2018

PR 06350 Intro to Public Relations, Rowan University (online)


Past Courses

ADV 04360 Integrated Marketing Communication, Rowan University

COM 111 Communication Principles, Drexel University

COM 150 Mass Media and Society, Drexel University

COM 210 Theories and Models of Communication, Drexel University

COM 220 Qualitative Research Methods, Drexel University

COM 230 Techniques of Speaking, Drexel University

COM 270 Business Communication, Drexel University

COM 280 Public Relations Principles, Drexel University

COM 284 Public Relations Research, Drexel University

COM 310 Technical Communication, Drexel University

COM 360 Cultural Significance of Fame, Drexel University

COM 380 Special Topics: Political Media, Drexel University

COM 610 Theories of Communication and Persuasion (Graduate level), Drexel University

SOC 250 Research Methods (Online), Drexel University

MAPR 01551 PR Overview (Graduate Level), Rowan University

MAPR 99523 Polls & Surveys (Graduate Level), Rowan University

MSP 3196 Writing Workshop, Temple University

MSP 3421 Technology and Culture, Temple University

MSP 4296 History of Electronic Media, Temple University

MSP 4455 New Media Literacies, Temple University

PR 06350 Intro to Public Relations, Rowan University

PR 06301 Basic PR Writing, Rowan University

PR 06310 Introduction to PR/Ad. Research Methods, Rowan University

PR 06353 Case Studies in PR, Rowan University

PR 06354 Public Relations Planning, Rowan University

PR 99362 Public Opinion, Rowan University

Complete Teaching Portfolios including syllabi, evaluations, and recommendations


2 thoughts on “Course Instruction”

  1. Hi Alison,
    I hope you are doing well at Temple. I don’t know if you remember me, but I was in your COM 310 class during summer term 2014. In this class, we did an activity which you referred to as “national small group challenge.” I plan a few events each year at BMS in which we could incorporate these challenges. Do you have any resources for more of these challenges? I have found the Wilderdom store at which you can buy “zoom,” but I am looking for the rankings and times of other groups and also additional challenges.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Chelsea Bockmiller

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